Father Louis from Anjali Ashram

Swami Gnanajyoti, or Father Louis as he’s also known, talks to Director/Producer Marjonneke about the central tenets of the Anjali Ashram in Mysore, India. He admonishes viewers to reject attachment to things and people, a philosophy he also uses for his relationship with the ashram. Instead of thinking in terms of ownership and control, he sees himself as a tenant and care taker, not only of the ashram, but everything around him. In his gentle and non-judgemental attitude, he acknowledges that belief and connection to God come from one’s life long pilgrimage of keeping an open heart. He talks about the power of silence as a way to cleanse us from the many pollutions we acquire from our busy lives. He calls silence the language of nature and regeneration and suggests that in our quest to become a master and truly free, one of our greatest challenges will be silencing our minds and our inner selves. anjaliashram.org PLAYLIST: This video is part of the Voices in Dialogue Series CINEMATOGRAPHY CREDITS: Aman Ahooja MUSIC CREDITS: “Wind of Change” by Footage Firm, “Mantra” by Footage Firm, “Tribal Wisdom” by Purple Planet DIRECTOR/DIRECTOR EDITOR: Marjonneke

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